Answers to Common Questions Concerning The Sanctuary of Hope

The Sanctuary of hope is the vision of Pastor John Hagee, Founder and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church, in San Antonio, Texas. As a young man in Houston, Texas Pastor Hagee worked in a children’s home where he learned to see the world through the eyes of an orphan. There he witnessed, first-hand, the heartache and disappointment experienced by children waiting to find a forever home and become part of a family.

In his over 60 years of ministry, Pastor Hagee has remained committed to building a place that would provide a family environment for young expectant mothers and children in need. With the Lord’s help and support of generous donors from around America, we were able to break ground on the SOH in February of 2017. Phase One was completed early this year and we are now accepting applications for residents.

The main facility is currently prepared to house up to 24 expectant mothers in one wing, and an additional 24 mothers with their infant child, in a separate wing.

Once Phase Two is completed in summer of 2020, the main SOH facility will house a maximum of 48 expectant mothers. At that time, young mothers and their infants will live in a cottage along with other young mothers, their children and a set of house parents.

The First and Second Phase of the SOH will consist of the main house and six cottages. Each children’s cottage will house 8-12 children and a set of house parents.

The Sanctuary of Hope has long term plans for additional facilities on our 85-acre campus that can potentially house a total of 300 residents at any given time.

Our plan is to not only to provide a safe-haven for young mothers and children but also provide the SOH residents an opportunity to be part of a loving and thriving community.

Our goal is to help save the lives of two people—that of the young expectant mother and their unborn child. We plan to positively impact each of them by providing a safe place with a strong faith-based foundation, giving each the opportunity to build a successful life in a loving environment.

Our first priority is to save the lives of as many babies as possible. Second, to provide a loving home where each child can be nurtured, and loved to become productive members of society. Thirdly, that same child should have the opportunity receive an accredited Christian education.

The Sanctuary of Hope has a second component—it is a place where young expectant women, who choose life for their child, can call home until their baby is born. The mother can either choose adoption placement or decide to raise their child. If they choose the latter, they have the choice to stay at the SOH and transfer to one of our cottages.

The Sanctuary of Hope offers instant comfort to young expectant mothers who feel frightened and alone by providing a variety of support options during their pregnancy and into their life-journey. We not only provide care for the moment but a plan for their future, creating hope for tomorrow.

In addition to providing a safe-place and an immediate home, we offer our residents access to medical care, counseling, parental training, educational opportunities and job placement assistance, among other services.

Through our diverse programs, we plan to equip our residents to successfully overcome the challenges of parenting to include learning how to provide for the physical and emotional needs of their child. Our plan is to build up the self-confidence of these young women by realizing that God is faithful to meet their every need.

Practical Questions

All of our communication is confidential, however, prior to or upon application, the parent(s) or legal guardians of potential residents must sign a written agreement with the Sanctuary of Hope.

The SOH collaborates with community organizations and local faith-based counseling centers that can assist young women with appropriate counseling services.

Our SOH licensing limits our residents to pregnant young ladies 12-22 years in age. However, we collaborate with local organizations equipped to provide appropriate assistance to individuals 18 years and above.

The SOH exclusively provides prenatal care for its residents however, we collaborate with local community healthcare providers that provide prenatal assistance.

You have life-giving options. Please contact the Sanctuary of Hope today and become informed of the many ways we can help you and your unborn baby.

The SOH collaborates with faith-based counseling offices that can assist young women with post-abortion counseling services.

At this time, with our current licensing and completed facilities, young pregnant woman in crises or single mothers in need, between the ages of 12 to 22, may apply for residency.

SOH networks with faith-based adoption service providers. Residents interested in placing their child in the home of a Christian family will have the opportunity to do so.

For mothers’ that choose not to adopt, the Sanctuary of Hope will endeavor to equip them with parenting and life skills needed to build a self-sufficient and successful future for both mother and child.

The Sanctuary of Hope will provide faith-based instruction, as well as accredited education for our residents.

The educational programs are customized to the needs of each resident. For example, some may need to attend high school online to receive their diploma. Other residents, who have their high school diploma or an equivalent, may choose to participate in trade school or vocational programs. Others still, based on the individualized track, will have the choice to participate in college level course work.

Each case will be different, however, our goal for every resident is the same, which is to equip them with the skills needed to be self-sufficient and build a successful life, whether they choose to adopt or raise their child.

Qualified individuals may call 210-499-1554 or go online to to fill out an application.

Regardless of where you stand on the abortion debate, we should all consider that there are pregnant young girls who believe they have no option, when in reality there is a choice for life for their unborn baby as well as a future filled with hope for themselves.

It is one thing to oppose abortion—it is another to provide viable alternatives. The Sanctuary of Hope is here to provide real solutions to seemingly impossible situations. We choose life.

We believe that there are young women who do not want to terminate their pregnancy, but at the same time believe they are ill-equipped to raise a child. Often, these expectant mothers are presented with abortion as their only option. Instead of offering a death sentence for their child the Sanctuary of Hope offers them and their unborn baby a chance for life—a good and productive life and with the Lord’s help we will be able to provide exactly that.

Resident Application

For single expectant mothers and new mothers ages 12-22, and parents and/or legal guardians of the applicant.

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If you or someone you know is in need, the Sanctuary of Hope is a safe and compassionate place to seek help. Contact us today.

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