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The Sanctuary of Hope, established on a Judeo-Christian foundation, is a Christian basic care facility that seeks to provide a caring and nurturing environment to single expectant mothers ages 12-22 and their children.

Who We Are

The Sanctuary of Hope is a 501©3 non-profit religious organization which provides basic child care services to children and youth, 0-17 years, who are in need of guidance, shelter, nutrition, etc. and to young single expectant mothers, 12-22 years of age who are seeking an alternative to abortion.
In addition, the Sanctuary of Hope seeks to collaborate with established Christian adoption agencies for pre- and post-adoption services to residents awaiting adoption by a loving Christian family.


Based on Judeo-Christian principles, the mission of the Sanctuary of Hope is to provide basic quality care services in a Christ-centered environment for youth (0-17); to strengthen their faith, future, and well-being; and to stand as an answer in place of abortion to single expectant mothers (12-22) and their unborn children.


The vision of the Sanctuary of Hope is dedicated to preserving the sanctity of life by providing: an alternative to abortion, a safe environment to its residents and their children, and an opportunity for residents to receive a Christian education.


If you need more information, we have answers to any of your questions concerning the Sanctuary of Hope. 

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Sanctuary of Hope



The Sanctuary of Hope is a result of a vision that was placed in the heart of Pastor John C. Hagee in the 1950s. Working as a teenager in a local orphanage in Houston, he experienced the disappointment of residents waiting to be adopted. The sadness he saw in their eyes would stay with him year after year. Not one to sit idly by, Pastor Hagee began the process of providing a home for orphaned residents in the 1960s but was prevented from doing so due to circumstances that were beyond his control. Although disappointed, he remained committed to his dream and his vision became greater as the needs of the residents in the community grew. Pastor Hagee’s dedication to the sanctity of life and his steadfastness to ensure that Sanctuary of Hope residents are provided with a loving and caring environment is one that is heartfelt and shared by his son, Pastor Matt Hagee. Pastor Matt and his wife, Kendal, are committed to ensuring that the Sanctuary of Hope will not only serve those in need in the present generation but will continue to bless and meet the needs for generations to come.

If You Need Help

If you or someone you know is in need, the Sanctuary of Hope is a safe and compassionate place to seek help. Contact us today.

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